The Global Parliamentary Alliance Against Atrocity Crimes

What is GPAAAC?

The Global Parliamentary Alliance Against Atrocity Crimes (GPAAAC) is an international network of parliamentarians and experts working to ensure democracies act more forcefully in preventing and responding to mass atrocity crimes. Parliamentarians are often underutilized in efforts to counter mass atrocity crimes.


GPAAAC’s objective is to foster deeper and further collaboration between parliamentarians from Canada, Germany and EU-member states. The main goal is to unite parliamentarians in order to construct more strategic responses to the atrocity crimes committed in Ukraine by the Russian military, and to find pathways to hold those responsible for human rights abuses to account.

About Us

The Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies

MIGS at Concordia University is recognized internationally as Canada’s leading institute working at the intersection of human rights, conflict prevention and emerging technologies. MIGS is an applied policy think tank that works to inform public policy in Canada and abroad with the goal of protecting human rights.

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

KAS is a political foundation active throughout Germany and abroad. Based in Ottawa, KAS Canada promotes multilateral cooperation and exchange between Canada, Germany, and Europe on the most important global challenges of our time, especially in the areas of security, technology, climate change and migration.

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